Whether it is a single store roll-out or multiple locations all requiring a uniform look, we go to great lengths to establish a look to match your customers requirements for consistency.

Using our patented TruGrade wood grading standards, we can control every characteristic and appearance of wood so that every door or panel that leaves our facility is within the allowed spectrum of consistency. This allows you to use your inventory universally from store to store.

Dressing room doors, veneer panels for fixtures and wall panels, frames and lites for store fronts…. we can match all your solid wood and veneer for a consistent look.

As involved members of the Association of Retail Environments, we understand the time pressures that retailers can put on their suppliers. That is why we offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry and for that emergency order, we offer rush services too.

We also offer stocking door and panel programs for just-in-time delivery so that you always have materials when you need them. No more waiting around for materials to finish up a store for a grand opening.