We manufacture custom flush, stile & rail, and specialty doors with leadtimes as short as one day. In addition, our inventory contains over 2000 unique flush architectural doors, ready to be custom sized, machined and finished to your exact specifications.

Included in our inventory are unrated, fire-rated and lead-lined doors, in a full variety of the most common wood species, and in sizes up to 4’ x 10’ to cover the most common openings.

We will custom manufacture to AWI and WDMA specifications for the most complex door and frames styles. From true stile and rail doors to blueprint matched flush veneer doors, our door and frame specialists can coordinate your order to the most demanding specifications. If you are unsure of the codes or specifications, don’t worry, our experienced staff we will help you figure out the hardware schedule and the fire codes.

Don’t get trapped with the liability of dealing with complex codes and hardware schedules. What is specified on an architectural project may not always be what the architect intended or worse, what will pass fire code.

We also manufacture lumber and veneer wood door frames and lites, in fire ratings up to 90 minutes. Additionally, our experienced craftsman have decades of experience, and are fully capable of manufacturing the most complex radiuses and curved designs in the industry.

If you need to match an existing project, we can custom stain and finish match to any color. If you need a custom profile on your frame or moulding, don’t worry- we grind all our own knives in-house to match any profile of moulding you need.