Trends come and go and so does the styling of kitchen cabinets, but one style has surpassed the test of time better than any other style in cabinetry.

The clean contemporary style achieved with specialty veneers will produce a sophisticated look that can go from cool and airy to warm and cozy.

Cherry may be popular today and oak may be popular tomorrow, but woods that are unique are always in style. We offer the most exotic woods from around the world for the homeowner who wants something different than their neighbor. Mix and match for a collection of woods throughout the home. From Macassar Ebony to Santos Rosewood or East Indian Satinwood there is a unique story behind every wood.

Not only do we offer hundred of different woods, we can even provide multiple looks within a single species that allow you to find just the right color, figure and grain your customer is looking for. We offer one of a kind and sequenced matched veneers for the entire home.

If you are looking for consistency with your mouldings and doors, we can color match veneer and solid wood or we can even apply veneer to solid wood for a consistency unmatched in the industry.