As an architectural woodworker, you understand how critical it is that the vendors you partner with are able to offer more than just a decent product and a fair price.

Your vendors need to appreciate that rarely is a project simply a "project"- but is instead an investment of intuitive troubleshooting, tactful negotiating, late evenings, and personal pride. We've been there, and we get it.

Acoustic Paneled Library

Because we're members of the Architectural Woodworking Institute, we understand the details involved in complying with the highest standards within the industry. Whether it is AWI economy grade, AWI custom grade or AWI premium grade, our experienced project managers can walk you through the requirements to achieve the exact specifications.

Don’t get trapped with the liability of dealing with complex codes and hardware schedules. What is specified on an architectural project may not always be what the architect intended or worse, what will pass fire code.

When it comes to coordinating hardware schedules, fire ratings and sound ratings, no one knows fire codes and ratings better than our highly experienced staff of door and frame specialists. If you have a question regarding LEED, we have a certified LEED AP on staff to walk you through obtaining all the qualifying LEED credits.

As a single source for all your paneling and architectural doors & frames, we can coordinate the project and offer you a single point of contact to make sure that everything arrives on time and on grade. You don’t have to balance between multiple suppliers to try and coordinate your veneers or schedules. We can review the specifications and walk you through the blueprints so that you feel comfortable from bid time to project completion.

We are confident that no other company is as capable and dedicated towards helping you navigate through the complexities of fire ratings, sound ratings, hardware schedules, blueprint matching and grades.